MIDAS: The "golden touch" for
Microwave Inductors Design
Automation on Silicon

Currently the group is working on the multi-platform extension (MIDAS currently works only on Microsoft Windows) and multi-simulator extension (MIDAS is currently optimized to work with Ansoft HFSS) while some students at the University of Perugia are working on the improvement of the code.

MIDAS is also included in the working-package 5 (WP5) of the ARTEMOS project (http://www.artemos.eu). ARTEMOS (Agile RF Transceivers and Front-Ends for Future Smart Multi-Standard COmmunications ApplicationS) aims at developing architecture and technologies for implementing agile radio frequency (RF) transceiver capacities in future radio communication products. These new architecture and technologies will be able to manage multi-standard (multi-band, multi-data-rate, and multi-waveform) operation with high modularity, low-power consumption, high reliability, high integration, low costs, low PCB area, and low bill of material (BOM). In particular, WP5 is developing the key ingredients as prototype software to provide methodology and simulation tools for RF, mixed-signal and digital solutions to the gaps in the software suites of commercial vendors.

MIDAS was based on the initial idea of Dr. Federico Alimenti (University of Perugia), who is currently coordinating the project together with Prof. Domenico Zito (Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork), and developed primarily by Dr. Luca Aluigi during his PhD research programme. The working group is also composed of Prof. Luca Roselli and Prof. Paolo Mezzanotte (University of Perugia) as supervisors and Dr. Domenico Pepe (Tyndall National Institute) and Mr. Marco Virili 
(University of Perugia) as collaborators to the software development.

[1]     Mohan S S, Hershenson M M et al (1999) Simple accurate expressions for planar spiral inductances. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 34(10):1419-1424

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