MIDAS: The "golden touch" for
Microwave Inductors Design
Automation on Silicon

The software consists of four tools, which follow the rational sequence of actions to be taken in the design flow of the above passive components on silicon. The first two tools are used, via a simple user interface, to perform the first-guess design of the structures to be realized. In particular, a tool (called the Geometric Calculator) is used to evaluate the possible geometrical dimensions, given the desired inductance value and the other (called the LQR Calculator) to assess, given the geometrical dimensions and values related to the technological process that will be used (namely, the design-kit parameters), inductance quality factor and resistance. Figure 1 shows the input window of the LQR Calculator.

Figure 1. Input window of the LQR Calculator.

The third tool (called the EM Structure Simulator) deals with the management of the electromagnetic simulation. This is implemented through a wizard, which guides the designer through the different design stages of the structure within the electromagnetic simulator and simulator settings. The strength of MIDAS is particularly expressed by this tool, which can reduce the time traditionally spent at this design stage, reducing it from several hours to few minutes. The fourth tool (called theEquivalent Circuit Extractor ) is ultimately responsible for the creation of the equivalent circuit of the structure simulated by starting from the results of the EM simulation. In particular, making use of the Y-parameters, the tool extracts all lumped elements (resistors, capacitors and inductors) of an equivalent pi-circuit.

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